Balmora is a comparatively large town in the southwestern region of Vvardenfell. Ample facilities have made this useful trade stop for those traveling by land towards the north and wishing to avoid the worst of the ash region. The buildings are all one or two stories blocky and made of a tan sandstone. Guards wearing armor crafted from the carapaces of insects patrol and stand watch in the guard towers eyeing newcomers suspiciously but remaining otherwise impassive.

A river divides the town into east in west, larger mansions can be seen towards the northwest of the town along with a domed building which is the typical style of the tribunal temple. Shops and guilds line the main square while most of the houses line up along the edge of the river. On the eastern side you see small one story houses and what appears to be a tavern or club.


House Hlaalu – (T1)


Dileno Norvayn, tends to the manor while as there is no Hlaalu councilor at current. She has silver hair worn up in a bun and ashen blue skin. ((Offers T 1 quests))

Mine troubles: Mudai egg mine for some reason seems to be getting attacked by nix hounds. The miners have fled leaving the mine abandoned. Clear out the nix hounds so business can resume. Hlaalu paid for the mine and is losing money every day it’s not operating.

Murder Investigation: Valen Hlaalo was murdered in his home. Ask around town and investigate to see who did it.

Gossip will lead you to Ahmeesi, a Khajiit hunter who pleads innocent.

Interrogating the servant (Arene Malos) will point you towards A red headed Dunmer (Thanelen Velas) with an Axe and bonemeld armor. He claims to have never set foot in the manor

If suspicion is cast on the servant she will get nervous and potentially crack under pressure.

Her first telling – A dunmer with red hair and bonemeld armor burst through the doorway, I had to hide in the back as it happened. He beat him down with the his axe.

Second story – “hammer” and “hid upstairs”

Upon completing both quests the players are thanked and invited to locate a councilor to join house Hlaalu.

Mages Guild- (T1)

Nelecar a fancily dressed Altmer magician heads this branch of the mages guild. He welcomes new members and offers you a job before making you a full initiate.

Slight Miscalculation: Hides-His-Teeth has been working on a teleportation spell to expand the mage’s guild network but casting the spell seems to be absorbing far more magicka than expected and none of the items the spell has been cast on have reached their destination. They are looking for human test subjects.

Upon accepting the request the players are transported to Crow’s Woods. A pocket realm of the Evergloam (Nocturnals Realm) They see a light piercing the sky in the distance.

Monsters: Giant Bats, Whisps, Harpies (Hagraven)

Upon reaching the light the world falls out from beneath their feet and they fall back onto the floor of the Balmora’s Mages Guild

Fighters Guild-

Firyn Novasgaard is a red headed heavily armored Nord woman who leads the fighters guild in Balmora. She offers one quest for those looking to join the ranks.

Cliff Racer infestation:

To the Northwest travelers have reported a large number of Cliff Racer attacks, the guild has been commissioned to take them out, if you find any nests, crush the eggs. It will take them a while to come back and begin breeding again.

Temple – The temple offers no quests here and instructs them to visit Vivec for initiation information.

All common merchants


Theives Guild – The thieves guild will take note only if the players commit petty crime. A letter will be sent to them. “You really are not as smooth as you think. Come pay a visit to the corner club and I’ll buy you a drink. From one petty thief to another and perhaps we can work together.” Signed F

Fareshi will approach them and offer to buy them drinks.

“You know how the Dunmer are with their.. dead. This one knows treasure gets left behind for those who cannot use it. In Elswyer tombs are mazes filled with traps. But here is just spooky ghosts”

He shows them on a map the location of the Andaren Ancestral tomb. Theres a necklace someone wishes to obtain for ‘sentimental’ purposes but the patriarch of the family just passed and the Tomb is guarded with the living and the dead.


Gambling can be done here a group is playing dice for septims. The player rolls 6d6

Two pair Breaks even

Three pair, full house, four/five of a kind pays double

Large straight, 6 of a kind pays 4 times.


Silt Strider:
Seyda Need

Mages Guilds


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